Soon Underway!


It is official, we have both resigned from work!   My last day was June 15th and Skip’s was just Friday June 29th!   I am sure in the future we will pick up an opportunity or two but right now we have a major adventure to pursue, BOAT TRIP!

Once we finally decided a date to leave, Skip put an app on his phone with the number of days of when corporate America work would end and I think his app started out with 189 days, as of Friday it was in the hours. When he left for his final day to go to work he was wearing shorts, flip flops, and a casual shirt…totally breaking the dress code rules.  When he got back to the boat, he was all smiles!!!   Now all that is left to do on the work agenda is pack up the work clothes and ship them home to Florida.

We have been living on the boat now since the beginning of June and although it’s small living, we are very comfortable and we are very happy!

Here is the checklist and status before we leave:

  1. Change all belts on the boat – (Complete)
  2. Ship no longer needed work clothes – (In Progress)
  3. Change oil & transmission fluids – (To Do)
  4. Checklist of basic needs for food, drinking, & cleaning then shop –  (To Do)
  5. Get new antenna for the one that we broke going under a bridge in Prescott – (In Progress)
  6. Check out communications radio’s after new antenna is replaced – (To Do)
  7. Buy new communications radio if #6 above doesn’t work out – (To Do)
  8. Buy new Impellar Kit – (To Do)
  9. Buy Hose Clamps , Screws, nuts & bolts – (To Do)
  10. Most importantly, get my hair done before we leave – (To Do)
  11. Obtain a Trust Fund – (To Do – will need some research)
  12. Create more lists – (Always in progress)

Friday evening we went to see John Fogerty and ZZ Top in concert.  One of Fogertys closing songs was Proud Mary and soon we will be like in the song “Rolling on the River’.

I promise to blog more often!!!

Trudi 7/1/18



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