God Bless America

4th of July4th of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July!  We  got out of bed and during our coffee time, we both read the Declaration of Independence. What an awesome country we live in and how blessed we are to live here!  There was a lot of hardships, suffering, and loss of life that made this country what it is today.   The King of England was definitely not in our favor so thankfully we had wonderful men and women who fought for our rights to freedom.  I want us to protect this great land, our rights and borders!

We watched our fireworks at Sunnyside Marina at our favorite Pier Two with a lot of our wonderful friends.  Stillwater, MN set off some awesome fireworks, the picture above does not do it justice.

This morning it was off for breakfast with Dave, Donna, Dave, & Colleen.  We went to the Oasis Cafe in Stillwater, really great friends and food!   Then it was on to do the laundry!  I have a book to start researching marina’s with laundry machines…Skip changed fuel filters then off for 9 holes of golf and I went shopping for dinner and paper goods for the trip.

WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!  We have accomplished most everything on my previous post and as I said another list has begun!

Our looks are changing….Our eyes are getting rounder & bigger when we look at each other with  amazement that  WE ARE REALLY GOING TO DO THIS!!!!!  We are so blessed!

God bless America and You and Yours!!!



2 thoughts on “God Bless America”

  1. So nice ro see that you read the Declaration on July 4th. I have never done that, but will next year!


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