The Execution Phase

Boat TrailerI have been a Project Manager for many years and will be one for one more week!  In project planning there first is the Vision Phase and we have dreamed of the Loop trip ever since we bought our 38 ft Chris Craft about 12 years ago.  Then there is the Planning Phase which has included: making lists/plans, talking to others, joining the America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association (AGLCA), saving money, and turning in “I Quit” notices at work!

We are now totally in the Execution Phase.  On Friday May 26th we began packing out of our tiny, temporary apartment and moving our belongings either to the boat or the 40 foot boat trailer to take to our home in Florida.  By Sunday morning we left our new temporary boat home at Sunnyside Marina in Stillwater for our drive home to Florida.   We looked just like the Beverly Hillbillies with our belongings all tarped, taped, and strapped up on the trailer.  It took us three days to get home to Fernandina Beach due to the size of the trailer and gas consumption, we were bigger than some of the semi’s we traveled with, plus we didn’t want to drive at night. We usually do the trip in two days.   Along the way, it struck us that we were now committed to taking the Mississippi River home.

We visited a lot of truck stops along the way because of the trailer size.  At one of the truck stops I lost my phone.  Not realizing my phone was not in my purse, we took off down the highway, luckily before the next exit I realized that I did not have my phone then panic set in because I do not have anybodies phone memorized and I was not very smart because I could not google, know the weather, follow maps and all my entertainment was gone!   We got off on the next exit, went back to the truck stop and my pink phone was in the ditch right where I slid out the truck and it slid right out of my lap and in to the ditch!!!  I was once again brilliant and entertained…It is amazing how much we now depend on our phones for everything!

We flew back to Minneapolis on Sunday because we have to work just a little bit more.  My last day is June 15th and Skip’s last day is June 29th.  We have enjoyed our careers and all the great people we have worked with.

I personally will miss program and project management but will have a new project to manage, The Great Loop Adventure!  I have made myself the Admiral which should have afforded me some clout…I found out quickly that the title means nothing!   The first marina I wanted to stay at is in Lake City, MN which was quickly over ruled by Captain Skipper!  Looks like it is going to be Red Wing, MN.

More to follow, July 9th is the planned departure date!


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