We Left Fort Meyers!

It is a lovely town with lots of restaurants, shops, free shuttle service, and tons of activities: Art Festival, Music on First, Farmers Market, plus great Minnesota friends!

Brian and Sandy came and picked us up last Saturday and took us to their lovely Florida home for a delicious grilled salmon dinner with cocktails, and wonderful conversation, and lots of laughs!


Goodbye great friends, we are on the move!!!  Whoopee!  I love to be on the move!

Captain Oh Captain please crank up my ship! And he did, we had a good day!  There was a lot of boat traffic. We got rocked pretty hard, you definitely know that when you anchor, open up a cabinet and stuff comes falling out. It’s the price you pay for a good time!!

This is my new pet!C31311AE-8C64-48EE-9C00-405C4FC6C5569278FDF9-CC51-46C4-B19F-D1703D1AAD64

Normally the dolphins see your boat, surf your wake for about 5 minutes maximum!  My new dolphin Daffy is crazy strong and followed us for at least 30 minutes!  Another dolphin joined her for the 5 minute surf!  Then Daffy took off!

It is such a miracle trip we are on!  Tonight we are on a little cove, generator running, ice making, clothes in the dryer, and the price tag free!  Listening to Jimi Hendrix, the first band I ever heard in concert!

Of course Jimi was by A blessed accident, he was opening for the Monkees in Jacksonville and my Mother took me and my little pre teen friend to the concert!  I wish I had pictures of our shock and awe!!!  I am so lucky to have seen him, he was amazing.

Tonight I Hope will be uneventful!  Anchor, hold us tight!


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Thankful for Apps and Publix!

When traveling the United States Waterways here are some helpful Apps to download for transportation and food delivery:

–  Instacart – Delivery Service from a large variety of stores, dependent upon your area.

– Uber Eats & Grubhub – Food delivery from most restaurants.

– Enterprise Rental Car – They pick you up and drop you off!!! Very important in the overall pricing!!!

– Uber and Lyft . Great for transportation.

– Amazon – Join the Prime Service, delivers free with quick delivery! Plus movies!

And last but not least is, drumroll: ……

Skipper’s Scooter Service!  i would like recognize Publix for giving away free bike helmets at the art fair last weekend and Amazon for the one day delivery of the collapsible bike basket!

He is road ready but no App!  I’ll let you know when I have an “App For That!”.

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Santa Came to Fort Meyers!

Well, Skip has been searching for easy ways to go get groceries and supplies.  My preferred method is Uber, Lyft, or Enterprise Rental Car.  Skip has been researching bikes or electric scooters.

Well yesterday morning I had the wish list, a MacWheel Electric Scooter!  So as the good Santa’s helper, I got on my faithful Amazon Prime and ordered the super duty scooter.  It goes up to 18 miles, goes 15 miles per hour, has brake lights, and a bell!  There was next day free delivery, I let Rudolph hit the purchase button with his red nose!!!

It was to arrive today…It would have been really wonderful, if it had been on the boat this morning for the little boy Skipper, wanting the new toy.

You can track your packages on Amazon.  It’s a wonderful tool unless the person who with anticipation of delivery does not have the App! I was asked a hundred times “Where is it?” or “Is it here yet?”  And my response a hundred times would be “It’s still being delivered.”.  Skip checked the marina office quite frequently.  I was in the marina laundry room, doing more clothes.

When I got back to the boat, there is Skip with his new toy, he had it all out of the box.  All that was left was to plug it in and let it charge! Then miracles happen….

He loves his new toy!  It will be very purposeful!  I’m so happy we have it!  He has the perfect balance and skills to drive it!  I have none, so I have been banned from the scooter to avoid hospital expenses!

The hospital expenses would have been gigantic so I just went out on Amazon and ordered this….


Just kidding, but God bless us everyone!

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Once again we had another day with our Minnesota friends!  The saying “Minnesota Nice”, it’s not just a saying, it is true!  Not only are the people nice but the work environment is nice.

It is my belief, that you have to be living and nice up there because you get warm hugs in the frigid Winter!  I am a Florida Native and I never left my home county until I was 40 years old.  My next destination was Minneapolis in January???  I suddenly became a toddler, I did not know how to walk on ice, I also had to learn how to drive, dress, ice fish, snow mobile,  and learn a totally new culture while living in a BIG city!

The best memories I have are the people!

So Michelle Muhich was down here in Fort Meyers to get away from the frigid weather, she is from Minnesota!  Michelle is sitting to the right of Bob in the turquoise shirt (he is a hoot!) and I have a couple of stories!

I will start off with Michelle.  She is very smart, and she was on the Change Control Board.  You had to go before them before you moved something into production.  I showed up at the meeting as project manager to represent my install.  Michelle gave me really good pass saying “It’s good, Trudi’s got it!”  Oh such confidence until our install crashed and burned!  It is humbling to crash and burn, the best part about it is to learn from your mistakes and be respectful of those who helped you!  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again!

LOL, now on to Bob (the guy in the turquoise shirt)….He went on an elk hunting trip somewhere out West, had to go in and out by horseback.  He also learned lessons, a gunfire means a dinner bell for grisly bears, then had to be afraid to go get the kill!  He is a hoot!

Then out of the camp to home, he got on his horse, got thrown off a cliff, hit a rock and avoided a death fall, got his buddies and horses to drag him up the cliff, he got back on his horse, then the horse died, then he got the paid guides horse, while the paid guide had to walk! NOW, it doesn’t get better than that story!!!  Sue, his wife, is the adorable, good hugger on his left in the picture!  I admire her because she has not killed him!!!

Then we were blessed with Brian and Sandy, just the nicest people!  They are the most wonderful peeps!  I am so blessed!!!

I know for sure now that out of the horrible cold come the warmest of friendships!

To all my Florida buddies,  you are still hot!

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Take Me Back!

We are still in Fort Meyers and having a wonderful time!  There was a car show here on First Street!  This town always has something going on!

So take me back 30 plus years.  After Skip and I first were dating he had an old white Volkswagen camper van.  It was kind of pitiful with holes in the floor, bad wiring and no meters.  How fast are we driving was a non issue because it wouldn’t go that fast!  Today we came across my perfect restored van!


I am sure this one would travel pretty great!  So back in the day…Skip and I took off in the Hippy Van with a Honda Interceptor on a trailer headed for Key West!  The trip was perfect until we were below Miami, headed for the Keys.  So because of no gauges on the dashboard, we ran out of gas in the van.

Skip was like “Its no problem, we will go get gas on the motorcycle!” That was such a great plan and I was so happy until the motorcycle ran out of gas about a mile before the exit where the gas station would be!  Actually , you could look back on the road and see both of his vehicles!

We did make to the Keys for a week, had a beautiful time!  The way home breakdown will be another epic story!

Luckily now, we have gauges, gas, safety equipment, my Captain has matured and knows the weather, our plan for the day and where we will be!  He is the best!!!

Let no breakdowns take you off your path!!!

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It’s a Small World After All!

St George, Ga is a very tiny town in Charlton County, Georgia.  There is very little there.  A school that teaches K-6, a tiny store, a few houses along the main drag, and a blinking light at the intersection of town.  The major high light of the town is Nancy Jewell, who was docked beside us with her husband Doug!

We were docked beside them here in Fort Meyers!  She actually lived and went to school in St. George for about a year!  I have only known one other person who lived there!

They are a lovely, interesting couple from North Carolina, yesterday they decided to start The Great Loop.  They hung up the flag and away they went today!  Safe travels new friends!  I am sure we will meet again!


Safe travels Belle, take good care of Doug and Nancy!

Okay then Jim stopped by, he looked familiar but could not quite place him.  We had talked for about 20 minutes, then he said we looked familiar.  Just so happens, we met at the Dog River Marina on our trip down, we went into Mobile without our charts, a big dilemma!

At the marina, we told them our chart story and Jim and Moe offered to let us follow them across Mobile Bay, they were a blessing!  And here we are at another time and each having bigger boats!
Thanks again to our great river friends that we have met along the way!

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There Are No Ships Like Friendships!

We have had a lovely day with friends!

Our day started out with our dear friends Skip and Merry Ackerman from Pier 2, Sunnyside Marina in Stillwater, MN.

When we left on the beginning of our trip, Merry took the pictures of us leaving which is at the beginning of this blog.  We had a great time catching up with them and had lunch at Cabos Cantina.  The food was good, the service was a little slow, but the company and story swapping was fantastic.  After lunch we walked around our new little town and then they were on there way back home.  Skip and Merry are so smart, this is proven by the fact that they have moved permanently to their beautiful home in Florida from frigid Minnesota.

Speaking of frigid weather, it has been in the 30s and 40s here in South Florida, so cold that the Iguanas go dormant and have been falling out of the trees.

Our next Minnesota friends Brian and Sandy Lattu arrived around 6 PM.  If was the second tour of the boat and walk in to town to eat some more!  This time we went back to Izzy’s for more seafood!!!

Skip and I have both worked with Brian at Ameriprise in Minneapolis.  Brian is one of the nicest and smartest people to work with and a good friend.  His wife Sandy is delightful, I so enjoyed getting to know her better, she is charming.

After dinner, we toured our town a bit and topped the night off with a nightcap at the Sky Bar.


Skip and I are truly blessed that we met so many great people in Minnesota and they continue to be lifelong friends!  Plus they now have homes in Florida which makes a visit easier, especially in the Winter!!!!

Back to Channel 16,


I regret that I did not get a picture of Skip and Merry.  Until next time!



Fort Meyers is Great!

There are so many restaurants close buy within walking distance, plus a free trolley!!!

Yesterday was football day, I wanted to watch the Titans and Green Bay win and go to the Super Bowl.  We went and had dollar oysters at Izzy’s with a great couple Nancy and Doug, then to another establishment, The Lodge which had TVs so we could watch the Titans play.  Derek Henry #22, is from Yulee, FL, he is a great player.  I really wanted our home town guy to go to the Super Bowl.  Well I left The Lodge disappointed, the Titans lost.  I still had high hopes that The Packers would beat the 49ers, but NO!  Football did not do me justice yesterday!!!

Today was cultural day.  We went to the Edison Ford Winter Estate.  We took the trolly there, and it was fantastic.  The home was Edison’s, he and Henry Ford were good friends, along with Harvey Firestone.  They would go on vagabond camping trips, in the beginning somewhat alone, others with a full entourage of press, chefs, food trucks and anything rich guys want!  Oh and sometimes a President!

The complex is over 20 acres, with botanical gardens, a laboratory primarily used to find a plant to produce rubber instead of the rubber tree.  There is a Banyan Tree just outside of the laboratory which is gigantic!!!!!  The plant that would simulate the Rubber Tree was discovered to be Goldenrod!

There are several different documentaries which tell of the lives primarily of Edison and Ford and their inventions, and manufacturing accomplishments, plus camping trips!!!!


If you are in the area, take time to visit, it’s a must thing to do!!!!  You will be smarter when you leave, not richer, just smarter!!

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Fort Meyers Today

So today was a great day!  Since we are not underway, I got to sleep in a little later, 7:45, YAWN!!!

When I finally got up Skip wanted to go out for breakfast, so it took me a bit to drink some coffee and get dressed,

We walked about a mile to The Oasis, a great cafe.

This evening was great, Skip has the photos on his phone so my story will continue tomorrow!!!

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I Am Really Going to Like it Here!

Day two, Fort Meyers has been busy and fun!  We started out with chores.  My chores were to take a shower, clean the bathroom, wash clothes, put the clothes away, start organizing, detail the groves in the teak flooring with a q-tip, and wash dishes!  Skip’s chores were to: cook breakfast, haul laundry, wash the boat, clean the windows, clean the blinds and shine the stainless!  We are currently in Ship Shape!!!  I don’t have a picture, but trust me she looks great!

Now about this town, The City of Palms (Fort Meyers), there are lots of Palm trees and lots of activities.  Tonight was a country music walk on First Street where we were going to meet our friend Sue Gorg who we both worked with at Ameriprise in Minneapolis.

Skip and I got off the boat and when we turned on to First Street we met a sea of people and blocks of music!

We made it to Los Cabos Cantina where we were to meet for dinner and it was a one and and a half hour wait.  They were not there yet so we had to kick in plan B, text and find them in a traffic jam and find plan B.

Skip has our coordinates, is on the phone with Sue, we are running blocks to get rescued out of the chaos.  Sue comes running up on the sidewalk, gives us each a hug and sweeps us in to the car with the driver, the amazing husband Bob.  (LOL, I think I must now be reading too many adventure novels!)

They took us outside the mayhem to a great restaurant with wonderful seafood!


There are no Ships like Friendships!  There was a whole lot of catching up to do plus a lot of funny life stories.

Sue is a wonderful person and she married a wonderful man with great character, personality, and stories….There was the one where he was going on a hunting trip with his daughter and son in law and Bob was driving and there were cows darting on the road and Bob hit one right in the middle of the road and ended up in a corn field!

So what I have learned today is before you go out to play, work hard and do your chores, make reservations, and LET SUE DRIVE!

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LOL, to Bob & Sue, that is the best laugh I have had in a long time!  You two are great and thanks for dinner!