My Corona🎼🎼🎼

So on the beginning of the Corona Virus, we made it back to Jacksonville and tied up at the Ortega Yacht Club, where we have stayed before.

We have a cabin on the St Mary’s River to hide from germs!  We stayed a week at the marina, packed clothes and food and headed to the Swamp!!!

Help!  There is no internet there, we did get Dish Satellite TV, but he would not get the internet package???  So I drive to the top of hill where I can get email and messages.

So what do we do in isolation, you ask????

Well Skip is happy here! He and the  Neighbor have been going out every morning and afternoon baiting Trot Lines with Ivory Soap cubes and have caught lots of catfish (and they don’t taste soapy)!

There is also a Spring Gobbler across the River and Skip built a megaphone to insert his phone  in to make the hen calls….Here it is???

Then there is the grocery store prep?


Then there was the Cottonmouth snake killing..I did not take pictures!!! Too gross!!  He salted the skin and was either going to put it on a hat band or on the wall???  It is now on a wall hanging there with other dead stuff!!!

We are now happily docked in FERNANDINA!

Tomorrow is Easter, and I am so humbled and thankful for God to give me/us his son as our Savior!  I am so eternally grateful for his love and grace! JESUS, he came here to save our souls!

God bless you everyone, stay safe and alive!

Back to Channel 16!


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