We Are Getting Closer To Our Home!

Although our home now is our boat, we do have a really nice house in Saint Mary’s, GA and a River cabin on the St Mary’s River.

We have had a great trip here to Ortega Landing in Jacksonville.  I can grab a cleat with a line because of not my skills, but because of the bow and stern thrusters and The Captan Skip.

Now let me digress…we stopped at Salt Run in St Augustine to our favorite marina “ The Hutcherson Harbor”!  But first we tied up to an anchor ball along with Donnie and Caren
and Walter was there, we love them all!

It just so seems, Don and Skip have the same haircut!


The next afternoon it was of to the Haven!  Bill  and Amy are wonderful they cooked us the most delicious salmon dinner and the night after they let us crash their party with their beautiful friends!

The last night tied up on their dock, we had Don & Caren over for dinner!  Then off, off and away!

Oh  No, I just hate the Pirates who run me out of town!

When we docked at Ortega Landing, we were beside a sailboat the Trudi Ann.  It was a nice welcome back present!  And Trudi was spelled right, but I have no middle name…in fact when I was young, on the Standard Tests it had block fields for your middle name????  I would raise my hand to the teacher and tell her I had no middle name and she told me to put None in the blocks…Well I would ace my tests but it was labeled as Trudi None Colsen!

We are currently here in Jacksonville to the pandemic!!!  Our President and staff are doing such a great job of holding us all together!

I will survive this flu season, just as I did the Measles and Chicken Pox!!!  We will do this at a safe distance from each other!

Skip and I are headed to the St Mary’s River cabin for awhile.  If you don’t hear from me, it is because we have no cell service!  It’s called the Boonies!!!

Do not worry though, we have lots of toilet paper.  I have found at least 50 ways to cook it!!!

EVERYBODY be safe and stay healthy!  I love you all!  Our God is awesome, pray, take good care of your elderly and loved one’s, if you have money to donate to people, do it!!! Pray for our Government, all parties and Press to heal and accept differences and work for the well being and healing of our country!!! Imagine how people would react after the Second Coming???  I won’t be here to see it🤣🤣🙏❤️

Back to Channel 16!









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