Boating Plans Must Be Fluid!

We were going to leave Sunday morning…then Monday morning, now Tuesday morning.

We took the opportunity to go to the art fair on the streets of Cocoa Village on Sunday.  Skip stayed and watched a demonstration of glass blowing from Thibault Glass Artistry from of all places FERNANDINA Beach.  It’s a small world.  He bought a glass that the guy made in his demo the day before.

If you are in the market for beautiful artwork or artsy pendant lights, go and see them.  I am thinking of commissioning them for pendant lights for our house in Saint Mary’s when we get back home.

To top the evening off, there was a great spaghetti dinner which Skip made then to a beautiful full moon.

Now to this morning….Trouble in paradise, I was sleeping late because the engine did not start!  I was like “Why are we NOT UNDERWAY!!!”, that is the way me, the Admiral questions.  After I got fully awake, wind blown and a little wet, the Captain asked “Now do you know why We are not leaving?”.

This morning I was happy and thankful to have my Captain keeping me safe!

We have spent our time watching the pelicans dive in for fish and eat and the gulls swooping in for the scraps.  Then this afternoon, to finish the afternoon off, we had a lot of big load of their feces all over our boat!

I try so hard to keep my web site clean,  It not tonight!  So my leaving thought for tonight is when you are dealt with shit, you just deal with shit!!!  Sorry granddaughters, never say that word, you too my grandson Van!

We are all cleaned up and back to Channel 16!


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