Sky High Memories!

It always brings back memories every time I see a rocket launch!  I think back upon our country, John and Jacqueline Kennedy, Camelot, and the space race!  But it was not always going up into space, there was the threat of things coming down!!!!

I was only on the first grade, the Soviet Union had missile sites in Cuba.  Thanks Castro for that agreement.  Florida and the South East were under alarm!  Some folk’s around here built bomb shelters and stored stock piles of food.   We had drills at school.  My Grandmother Sissy was a teacher at the school, so she knew and my parent’s knew when the drill was.  This was the Cuban Missile Crisis days!  I can’t believe one of our politicians praises  Castro.

The Castro drills were one of my most scary and fun times!  I was a walk to school girl, and by dear friend and cousin Tina lived right up the road, I would walk to her house, get her, then six more blocks to school.  They drilled us at school to run as fast as you can home and if you hear a big boom, jump in the ditch!

We had many drills at school, alarms would ring; bus rider  kids would have to line up and get on the bus, I would go and grab Tina out of her class or she would get me and we would run as fast as we could home.

After a very little time, I think we understood that it was just nothing but a drill and if there was truly a bomb  coming our way. Sissy would get us all and drive us away!

So as the innocent’s that we were, Tina & I spent our precious time of getting out of school early and visiting grandparents and friends along the way!  I just love my dear lifelong friend Tina and her family, the first number I learned to dial was Her number, 879.6991, we have such hilarious memories!

So One more memory…another childhood friend Terri and I went to see the first moon walk launch from the banks of Titusville?  Here is your Happy Birthday firework Terri!  I’m lucky to be here in Cocoa to see another launch


I am so thankful for my old and new friends and get to see thing’s going up vs coming down!!!

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