We Are Still in Cocoa Village!

We had only planned for two days here but we are going to stay till Sunday due to weather, primarily winds!  Because we live on a boat our plans are always fluid.

While here, we have grocery shopped and Skip took his scooter “The MacWheel” for a haircut! He has been looking pretty wooly!  He shaved before he left which was an improvement and when he came home with his Faux hawk haircut it was really short on the sides and longer on top!  He was not too happy with his new “Hipster Look”.  We learned all the new hair terminology from his daughter.  He was adamant for me not to take a picture of the NEW DO yesterday!

This morning was worse, with morning hair he had a Cockatoo Do!  He wore his hat all day!

Skip has always said, “If you want something done right, you do it yourself!”.  So he quit complaining, grabbed the shears and finished the job!!!!





A much needed improvement!  I love him either way!!!!

Tonight is a rocket launch, I have my alarm set for 11 PM for an 11:50 launch.  I am going to sit on the front of the boat and watch the giant firework.  Will post pictures tomorrow!

Back to Channel 16!




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