Okay, My Publisher is Withholding My Next Draw Until I Post!

Okay, the Captain let me know that I would soon be poor, if I don’t post so here it goes!!!!

So we left Fort Meyers back to the East Coast, when we we got to La Belle, it was another lucky night  There was a slip available and it’s free!  Three nights in, 8 days out!  No problem, we were off early the next morning! It’s a great night here, Skip gets off on the scooter and gets Chinese pick up!

Life is good!  Then on to the next place!

On to the next to our next adventures  to Roland and Mary Ann Martin’s Marina.  We spent two days there!  This place just happens to be the Capital of bass fishing!  At the marina, Skip only caught catfish but they were huge!!!  There were bass charter boats going out constantly.

We went there because our friends we met along the Tennessee River, Tom and Patty were in the area, in their camper.  They are truly water and land campers!!!  We toured their camper, then went to the Tiki Bar for lunch.


A good time was had by all!!!

We also met a couple on their catamaran, Russ and Jax, she let me know about a cool app called Nebo, it logs your trips and activity underway.  I just love my new app, thanks Jax!!!!

Next day we were off across the Okeechobee, it’s a really BIG lake, and there were waves, wind, and dirty water!  It was an angry sea day!  We anchored in the afternoon at Hoggs Cove, it was a great on the hook night anchored across million dollar homes!

We left Hoggs Cove to Vero and docked at Loggerhead Marina, and the good ship, Will Sea?, got a much needed scrubbing!!!  Salt and mud are not needed on our voyage!

Yesterday was a better travel day to Cocoa Village Marina, less wind and warmer.  I was actually able to go up to the fly bridge and enjoy the trip!



We passed my cousin’s Penny’s house, that is not actually her house but close!!!!

We are now safely tucked in at the marina at Cocoa and headed to Palm Coast tomorrow.

Back to Channel 16,


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