Moving on Up!

We left this morning from Fort Meyers to head back to the East Coast and back to the Jacksonville area.  When we left, we had about 50 seagulls ushering us out!

We have very wonderful friends in St Augustine, Bill and Amy Hutcherson.  They have three beautiful, smart, and talented children: Olivia, Rachel, and Zack.  I have known them since they were born and I have loved watching them grow up!

So we wanted to see Zack who is an engineering student student here in Fort Meyers!  He brought his beautiful girlfriend Erin to dinner, she is wonderful!!!!  We went back to Izzys, our usual stomping grounds, and had a great dinner and story swapping!


He is a clone of his dad!  It is so amazing to watch the similarities between father and son…Zack was behind me at one time talking and I thought, “Is Bill on the boat?” .

So many thanks to Bill and Amy for sharing your children with us!  It has been a fun adventure, and it’s not over!

So the Hutcherson’s are smart and beautiful, so will you come and help me with this????


So my Skipper is also brilliant and beautiful and I love him with all my heart and soul!  He is the best Captain and Chef, but he has no fashion sense.  Maybe one day!!!!  Obi Wan Bill, please help!

Back to Channel 16!

Trudi aka Princess Leah


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