Venice, I Love It!

Today was our first full day here.  We had Mardi Gras beads on the boat this morning from our neighbors on the sailboat docked next to us.  They are from New Orleans and Diane said she was just spreading some “Louisiana Love”.  We are so blessed to have met SO many wonderful boaters with great stories of life and adventures along the way.

Skip and I took off this morning for a short walk to this little outdoor cafe for breakfast and that was fun.  It is at the opening to the Gulf of Mexico!


Then we came back to the boat to start preparing for special guests!  Skip’s step mom and her very significant other live in Sarasota and they were coming to see us!

Okay, so Bobbi is 86 and Frank is 90.  They hopped around the boat like teenagers!  We had such a great time.  We could not get reservations at the restaurant here so we picked up their food to go and ate on the boat!


It actually worked out the best!  Who needs a waterfront restaurant when you can get their food and eat on the water!!!

Okay, busy day and we are traveling the Gulf tomorrow!

Back to Channel 16,



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