Englewood, FL!

After we left Fort Meyers we went on the hook (aka anchoring) at Caya Costa, a lovely place with lots of Mangroves and many more mosquitoes!  Skip took a picture from the kayak, I LOVE MY SHIP!


We pulled anchor early afternoon and headed to Englewood where we have great friends from Stillwater, MN, Sunnyside Marina, Pier Two.

We arrived Thursday afternoon after a much stressful navigation to get to dock at the marina.  There are no navigational markers of how to get here and when you see a yacht beached outside of the marina, you get way much more than nervous!!!! The water is Skinny!


NOT A GOOD SIGN when you see a boat a ground! It was very stressful, Skip is a great Captain and I watched from the bow for shallows and he watched the charts and our immediate depth levels from our depth finder! I heard a lot of #%#% words from the Captain, but I as bow rider could see no shallows.

Finally tied up to the marina and about 2 hours later our very dear friends, Deb and Steve Rockow, from Pier 2 came and met us at Snooks, that’s the restaurant at the top of the marina.  It is posted as the Redneck Rivera as you leave the restaurant.

We were so ready to hug our great friends and share old times and next adventures for us all.  We partied and swapped great times, then had some more!  We went to Englewood’s Friday night for more fun, food, drinks, music, and laughter


Saturday, we took a break.  Sunday Skip went golfing with Steve and two of his buddies.  Deb and I took off and had breakfast at Maria’s, then to see the the lot where they are going to build, then to see Skip and Merry (other Pier 2 buddies)!

Then Deb and I took off about 30 minute drive to see the model of the new home they are going to build.  It’s going to be beautiful, Steve is not going to like the door paint color, but Deb and I will!!!!

Then off we went to see Christy and Russ at their new beautiful Florida home, they are also Pier 2 Peeps!  I wish I had taken pictures of every moment of the entire day to share with y’all!

Then we were off to Walmart!  I forgot my grocery list but luckily I got everything on the list!

Today is Monday and we have arrived in Venice, FL at Crows Nest Marina.  The water is beautiful, boat activity is HUGE, and the sunsets on the West Coast are so fantastic!


I am still an East Coast girl! It’s in my roots!  I am so fortunate to be on this boat, with Skipper, and having the opportunities for these adventures!  So here we are, life is good!

Back to Channel 16!



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