We Left Fort Meyers!

It is a lovely town with lots of restaurants, shops, free shuttle service, and tons of activities: Art Festival, Music on First, Farmers Market, plus great Minnesota friends!

Brian and Sandy came and picked us up last Saturday and took us to their lovely Florida home for a delicious grilled salmon dinner with cocktails, and wonderful conversation, and lots of laughs!


Goodbye great friends, we are on the move!!!  Whoopee!  I love to be on the move!

Captain Oh Captain please crank up my ship! And he did, we had a good day!  There was a lot of boat traffic. We got rocked pretty hard, you definitely know that when you anchor, open up a cabinet and stuff comes falling out. It’s the price you pay for a good time!!

This is my new pet!C31311AE-8C64-48EE-9C00-405C4FC6C5569278FDF9-CC51-46C4-B19F-D1703D1AAD64

Normally the dolphins see your boat, surf your wake for about 5 minutes maximum!  My new dolphin Daffy is crazy strong and followed us for at least 30 minutes!  Another dolphin joined her for the 5 minute surf!  Then Daffy took off!

It is such a miracle trip we are on!  Tonight we are on a little cove, generator running, ice making, clothes in the dryer, and the price tag free!  Listening to Jimi Hendrix, the first band I ever heard in concert!

Of course Jimi was by A blessed accident, he was opening for the Monkees in Jacksonville and my Mother took me and my little pre teen friend to the concert!  I wish I had pictures of our shock and awe!!!  I am so lucky to have seen him, he was amazing.

Tonight I Hope will be uneventful!  Anchor, hold us tight!


Back to Channel 16!



2 thoughts on “We Left Fort Meyers!”

  1. Great post. Ft Myers is fun, next to Cape Coral, my son’s town. Remember nothing but empty store fronts in 2009. Never saw Jimmy — jealous I am.


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