Provision Shopping

We took a trip home by air from Minneapolis to Fernandina along with two wonderful frozen couples (Art & Heidi/Lynette & Patrick) to all thaw out from the Winter here.  When we got home we got the Garmin thru hull transducer that I had ordered from Amazon and we picked up our new canvas from Top Stitch in Fernandina!  Amazingly enough it all fit in our suitcases that we flew back with to Minneapolis this week.

We have a 1999 31′ Camano Troll and over the Summer & Winter,  we have acquired new sonar equipment, inflatable life vests with whistles, rain jackets, radio & speakers,  head set walkie talkies, and the list goes on and on!  We still have a list that we need but we will get all that is needed by mid-July or we will have to get whatever we need along the way!

I have charted about the first 500 miles of where I think we are going and marina’s we will be staying but I am sure our course on the trip will be altered just as the events in our life have.  In the end it has all worked out and will work out, a change in course is not necessarily bad, sinking would be BAD!!  :  )!

We are so anxious to get on our trip and see the beautiful sights and people along the way!

More to follow!


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